Plinko Tips and Game Strategy

The Plinko game is becoming one of the most popular slots of our time. Players use high-stakes Plinko tactics and earn casino cashback to increase their winning chances. The slot’s results are unique, and predicting the winnings in advance is impossible. The game’s main advantage is honesty and the lowest chance of losing.

Instructions for Winning the Plinko Game

The player gets a board with triangular pins in the game menu. From above, after the user makes a bet, the ball falls. When falling, the ball hits the pins and changes its trajectory. It ends up landing in one of the boxes with various cash rewards. Bets can be of the following multipliers – 0.2x, 0.5x, 2x, 22x, 1000x, etc. The winnings are arranged in such a way that the minimum and average multipliers are in the middle of the boxes. The maximum bet multipliers are located on the triangle edge. Here are some tips to help you win the slot.

Set the bet size

You can replenish your account from 0.1 to 100 dollars or more. Choose the amount of the bet that is convenient for you. Start with the minimum limits and gradually increase the amount.

Decide on the number of pins

The minimum number of pins allows you to win more often, but the prize will be smaller. Increasing the number of pin lines gives a bigger bonus, but the chances of winning are reduced. For example, when playing a game with 8 levels of pins, the maximum payout is 29x, and the chances of winning are as high as 0.78%. If you set 16 lines, then the maximum payout increases to x1000. However, the winning probability is 0.003%. There is no exact rule by which the pin’s correct number could be set. However, if you have a small budget, then with fewer lines, the gameplay will last longer.

Choose your risk level

The game provides a relatively large set of settings. The player can independently adjust the risk level and control the game display. Developers offer three levels of risk: low, medium, and high. Depending on the chosen level, the amount of remuneration is regulated. We recommend a low and medium level of risk If the player does not plan to bet for a long time.

A way to start a new game

Users can bet and play manually or play in auto mode. In automatic mode, several balls can be launched from the top of the triangle simultaneously, where each is a bet. Launching several balls leads to rapid consumption of the deposit, which must be considered before starting the game. It makes the gameplay more fun and exciting.

Provider selection

Depending on the selected providers, the player can play in three risk levels at once, each with a distinctive color. In addition, the player sets the number of bets, enables automatic mode, etc. You can stop playing at any time and collect your winnings.
Using the Provably Fair feature. At any time, the player can check the fairness of the gameplay and whether the results are random.

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Tips & Strategies

No exact tactics and strategies would lead to victory because the game result in Plinko is entirely random. However, beginners should consider several Plinko betting tips.

  1. Try the free version. Demo mode allows you to get experience in choosing a bet size and understand the general mechanics of the game.
  2. Choose proven gambling establishments. Plinko slot is provably fair, but you should choose a licensed online casino not to have problems with the withdrawal of winnings, etc.
  3. When choosing autoplay, set the number of bets. Don’t let several balls roll simultaneously until you get bored with the game. So you can control the rates and save the deposit. Many players stop the game late. 
  4. A strategy with a small bet. This is based on a guaranteed high percentage (about 97% if you play long) of returns, the longer you play and bet more, the less likely you are to use up your budget and the more likely you are to win. It also increases the likelihood of winning a really big score.
  5. The tricks of big bets. Having gained experience in the Plinko slot, try to increase the bets. It is possible to combine large and small bets, increasing the probability of winning and allowing you to place a sufficient number of bets to receive cashback. Such a decision can lead to big wins. Compared to 10*10 and 100*100 bets, the winnings are huge.
  6. Each successive bet is doubled. Combine large and small bets, so there will be significantly more bets on your pot. This will increase your chances of winning and provide the necessary amount of bets to return the deposit.

The beauty of the online slot Plinko is that the result of the game is completely random and provably fair. There are no specific tricks, strategies or rules about it. You can listen to our recommendations and other players. But neither the casino nor the game developer can influence the result of the round. It remains to enjoy the process itself and believe in your luck.

Prediction for Game Plinko

The Plinko slot is an excellent alternative to traditional slot machines. It is an unusual slot that has no analogs. The algorithm of the game is simple: throw a ball or a coin on a board with numbered holes. All rounds in slots are winning. However, the winnings can be less or more than the bet: from x0.2 to x1000 bets. RTP reaches 99%.

It is almost impossible to predict the winnings, but there are chances to get a large percentage of cashback by making small bets. That is, the longer you play and make more bets, the less risk of wasting money and the higher the probability of winning. There is also a chance of pulling off a nice big score.

Gaining experience in Plinko slot, you can try big bets. The risk increases, but you can win a big sum at once. Therefore, the winning probability in the slot is much higher, although the amount of winnings is often tiny. So, Plinko prediction is positive.

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Is it Possible to Hack the Plinko Slot?

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What tactics to choose for the Plinko game?

You can use the tactics of big bets or earn cashback. In addition, the player can develop his strategy to achieve a big prize or use general Plinko tips.

What are my chances of winning?

The Plinko slot has a high RTP, over 97%. Is a win-win game, all players have the same chance of winning.

How much can you win on Plinko?

The maximum win is x1000. The record prize was $1,000,000. It all depends on what kind of bet you place, small or large.

Which Plinko scheme?

A random number generator powers the Plinko slot. The game is fair and gives everyone an equal chance to win. The casinos do not affect the Plinko winning algorithm.

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