Plinko Game Instructions

The Plinko slot is becoming increasingly popular among beginners and experienced players. It is a slot with no complicated Plinko game rules, mathematical miscalculations, and extended gameplay. At the same time, the slot machine cannot get boring. The idea behind the slot machine is simple enough – you need to throw the ball on the game board, and the amount you win depends on which area the ball hits. It is impossible to lose in the game because each ball drop gives a specific coefficient. So hurry up and try your luck in a certified slot on a licensed site. 

How to Play Plinko

To start the game, you need to do a quick registration on the website of the licensed casino. The player fills out a profile and passes verification. The standard procedure is necessary to confirm the age and solvency of the player. After registration, you need to log into your account, find and launch the Plinko game in the search line. Before starting the round, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the slot and the buttons.

how to play plinko

How to Start the Game

The online slot Plinko does not require mathematical knowledge from the player. The principle of the game is that the ball rolls from the top of the pyramid. Depending on where the ball drops, the player receives money. Choose from a variety of pin choices as well as red, yellow or green tiles for higher odds as your bet multiplier increases. How to play Plinko correctly? Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide:

Plinko instructions

Learn the rules

Before you start the game, study the Plinko instructions in “How to Play?”

Choose a difficulty level

The player can choose the level of difficulty by betting on the Green (low), Yellow (medium) or Red (high) ball (by pressing the appropriate bet buttons).

Set the bet amount

Limits on the game are regulated by the operator. Current limits for this game: min/max bet $0.1-100. The maximum win for one bet is $ 1,000.

Determine the number of pin levels

Choose the number of lines from 12 to 16. Then test the ball drop without a bet.


The slot Plinko has a simple interface and clear rules, which should be familiar with before starting the round. The main buttons are as follows:

  • The bets are set on the panel. You can choose a set bet size or bet money at your own discretion. To adjust the bet, use the “+” and “-” symbols or enter manually.
  • The player’s balance shows the funds available for the game.
  • The volume control button allows you to turn on / off the music and soundtrack.
  • Information about the online game and the rules are available in the menu. Also, there is a history of bets.
  • Button “Autoplay” puts the slot in automatic mode. When switching, it is necessary to set limits at which rounds are terminated and other conditions under which the game ends automatically. 
  • The Green, Yellow and Red buttons help you choose the difficulty level. The red ball falls in the red line of coefficients, green in the green line, and yellow in the yellow line.
  • The “Pins” button allows you to select their number (from 14 to 18). This affects the odds of the game and the bet multiplier.
  • If you are a newcomer in the Plinko, click on the “How to Play?” instructions. Learn all the specifics of the slot and win from the first round.
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Plinko Rules

The provider of slot machine Plinko offers simple rules of the game, namely:

  1. The player can choose the level of difficulty (low, medium, high) by betting on the Green, Yellow or Red ball (by pressing the appropriate bet buttons).
  2. The bets are made on the panel, select the set amounts of bets with the buttons (-) and (+). The maximum and minimum bet in the Plinko slot is 0.10-100$. The maximum win for one bet is 1000$.
  3. When the ball hits the cell, the round is over. The game winnings are multiplied by the cell coefficient.
  4. The number of pins on the field can be adjusted in the drop-down list. This affects the odds of the game and the bet multiplier.
  5. The results of previous rounds are displayed in the “Recent Results” section at the top of the board.
  6. Instructions for the game are on the panel under “How to Play?”. 
  7. In the event of a malfunction of the gaming equipment/software, all affected play bets and payouts will be voided and all affected bets will be refunded.
  8. “Autoplay” allows playing Plinko slot machine in automatic mode. To do this it is necessary to select the color of the bet, the number of the round and other restrictions, at which the game ends.

Plinko is a slot with simple Plinko game instructions and with a real chance to win money. You can apply various machine tactics, but there is no definite strategy. The game results are unpredictable. Therefore, you can safely play the certified slot and not be afraid of losing.

Play for Money and Demo Version

The online slot machine Plinko is available in demo and full versions. The demo version is absolutely free, allowing you to understand the functionality of the game and test the gameplay. It is a great option to work out tactics or Plinko instruction and try your luck under challenging rounds without losing money. But the money won in the demo version can not be converted into real money.

The full version offers to make real bets and get legitimate winnings. Since each round of the slot ends with the player’s victory, and the probability of losing is minimal, we recommend downloading the full game version, trying your luck, and playing Plinko online.

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The calculation of the win is made according to the paytable. The result is added to the balance field. The size of payments varies from low to high. Malfunction voids all plays and pays! All unfinished rounds will be terminated every other day. If the game requires “Collect” -“Collect” will take place and the win from the round will be added to the player balance. If the game requires action from a player, the result is counted assuming that the player has chosen the action with no risk without raising the initial bet.

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