Plinko History

The Plinko game is the most popular slot of our time. It was created based on the old American TV show, which has gained tremendous popularity. The plot of the slot itself is quite simple. The participant chooses the height of the pyramid, as well as the degree of risk. After that, the player launches a ball falling from the top of the playing field. Further, everything is simple, you only need to observe. Your winnings depend on the hole where the ball falls. The slot is currently available worldwide.

Game History

Plinko is based on an American TV show that aired in the 80s. The show has gained immense popularity and has 9,000 episodes. The game’s origins were the show “The Price Is Right”. Plinko has become one of the most popular price guessing shows on TV. The debut took place in 1983. The TV show featured a spinning ball that allowed you to win $25,000. It was considered the biggest win in The Price Is Right. Over the next ten years, the winning’s size gradually increased, and more and more people wanted to try their luck.

In the show version of the game, up to $50,00 is up for grabs along with various gifts. Periodically, special broadcasts are also held, on which the potential winnings increase. The biggest win for the project was $262,742. It was received by the player Michael Stauber.

plinko history

To date, several versions of the Plinko game have been released. Most of them are versions of The Price is Right. Endless Games also created an analog of the game. However, players are offered a deck of 9 cards instead of a board. The player should select a card and earn the corresponding badges. After each selected card, the deck was shuffled and laid out again.

In 2020, manufacturer Buffalo Games offered a standalone version of Plinko for exclusive sale at Target stores in the US. This version of the game included a plastic and wooden Plinko board. Each slot had electronic sensors and plastic pins. As standard, the players launched the ball once, and the game’s classic sound confirmed the win or loss.

In the summer of 2019, Bgaming decided to move away from the home version of the game and recreate the Plinko game in a new online version. An electronic field has already been proposed for the game. Other providers like Spribe repeated further success. Many online casinos and bookmakers offer Plinko slot machine from different providers. To get acquainted with all the nuances of the game, a free demo version is offered. It is also possible to play for real money.

Secrets of Plinko’s Popularity

The Plinko gambling slot is gaining popularity among beginners and experienced players. It is offered by many online casinos and bookmakers in both demo and full versions. The secrets of the popularity of the slot are as follows:

  • Proven integrity. In Plinko, a provable fairness algorithm for the gameplay is available. It means that neither the provider nor the playing field can influence the results of the rounds. The player can track all rounds’ results and ensure that the result is random and predetermined. 
  • Large multipliers. There is no limit on the number of wins in Plinko, and their value can reach 1000x.
  • Flexible risk management. With Plinko, you can set the level of risk: low, medium, or high. The amount of winnings depends on this indicator.
  • Simple rules and exciting gameplay. The game conditions are elementary: place a bet and rely on luck. Then get a prize according to the ball fall.
  • Automatic and manual game modes. You can play manually by adjusting the bet size or setting the automatic mode. In the latter case, the user will see balls, each of which is a fixed bet.

Maximum Winnings

The maximum win in Plinko is 1000x the active bet. However, it is very difficult to get the maximum winnings. In the Plinko slot machine there is no strategy as such because everything depends on your luck. Below are examples of some lucky winners in this game.

⚡️ Barker Era (slot by $5,000)The event occurred on November 30, 1990. The winnings amounted to 21,000 dollars. It is the most giant $5,000 raffle in Barker Era history. The maximum amount a player could earn was $41,000.
⚡️ Barker Era ($10,000)In $10,000 slots the maximum win was $23,000. The event took place in September 2001. A player named Kelly was given a $10,000 slot twice.
⚡️ Barker Era ($20,000)Ryan won $10,000 in 2002. Ryan was lucky to win twice for the indicated amount. (after hitting $20,000 twice.)
⚡️ Carey Era ($10,000)Ryan Belz set the biggest win of $31,500 in 2017 and managed to claim $10,000 three times.
⚡️ Online GamingPlinko’s online gaming maximum prize is $1.6 million. The record was set in 2022.

Modern Game Versions

Today, the home version of Plinko or TV shows is no longer relevant in the digital world. After all, everyone can play their favorite slot online with the help of bookmakers or online casinos.

This slot is available to players all over the world. The game’s simple rules, the opportunity to win, and the endless sense of excitement make the game more and more popular among both beginners and experienced players. Online Plinko is an excellent pastime after a hard day at work. It diversifies the weekend and gives a good mood.

You can play the game in full and demo versions. The demo is a free slot version that offers a virtual prize. You can get a real prize in the fully paid game version by placing a real money bet.

We recommend choosing trusted sources for games. These are licensed bookmakers and online casinos with positive feedback and player reviews. Such gaming establishments guarantee the fulfillment of obligations, the honesty of payments, and the safety of personal data.

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